Moving to Discord

by Martin Jagodic on March 1, 2023

During the transition period, we will be active on both services, and Slack will remain open until it dies off. This decision was based on the fact that when we took over, the most requested feature on Slack was to migrate to Discord, and we were already considering it ourselves.

Here is the Discord invite link.

Slack is not ideal because messages disappear and invite links expire after 30 days. Additionally, it is a walled garden, where you need a separate account for each workspace. This is good for companies but bad for communities.

Discord is a great alternative because messages stay forever, and the invite link does not expire. It is open to everyone and is therefore more accessible. A lot of open source communities rely on it, so it will be a familiar service for many.

This solves community chat problem, but the problem of a public forum still remains. We are considering using Discourse because it is a great platform, and Netlify Answers' CMS subforum is already on Discourse. Hopefully this means that we could transfer all that knowledge to the new instance.

If you have any suggestions on how to structure the Discord server, tell us on Discord 💬

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