You can now sponsor Decap CMS

by Martin Jagodic on March 15, 2024

If Decap brings value to your process, consider supporting the project financially via GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective

New Gatsby plugin for Decap is now available

by Martin Jagodic on February 5, 2024

The deprecated gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms that corresponds to the old Netlify CMS package is now deprecated and replaced by gatsby-plugin-decap-cms

Decap 3.1

by Martin Jagodic on February 1, 2024

This minor release brings several improvements, most notably React 18 support. It was in development for quite a while, so it includes many minor patches as well.

March 2023 Status Update

by Anže Demšar on March 31, 2023

Updating Slate, fixing Cypress tests, and preparing for the first PR

Moving to Discord

by Martin Jagodic on March 1, 2023

We are migrating our community chat from Slack to Discord

Introducing Decap CMS

by Martin Jagodic on February 23, 2023

Decap CMS is a rebranded version of Netlify CMS, offering a simple, easy-to-use, open source, git-based CMS.

Decap CMS

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