Decap 3.0 is now available

by Martin Jagodic on August 23, 2023

We are happy to announce that the first release of Decap CMS is now available. It is released under 3.0 to honor the 2 major versions of the Netlify CMS.

Decap on NPM:

Add to your site

Via script tag in admin.html:

<script src="^3.0.0/dist/decap-cms.js"></script>

or via NPM:

npm install decap-cms-app


Decap 3.0 is very similar to Netlify CMS 2.10.192 (the last available version), and it's fully backward compatible.

Notable changes are:

  • Renamed project: logo, name, packages, npm, and all other references to Netlify CMS
  • Updated Slate editor
  • Updated Webpack
  • Cypress: updated and all tests are working & passing again
  • Updated Typescript
  • Added Toastify notifications

Potential issues

There was no beta phase as this is the first release, so there might be some issues that we didn't find. Please report them on GitHub.


Thanks to everyone in the community that waited patiently for so long. Thanks to all the contributors and other engaged users that helped us in this transition period. Thanks to Netlify for creating this amazing project and for letting us continue it.

Decap CMS

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