Developer features

If you're a developer looking for a new CMS, these are the features of Decap that could be interesting to you.

Git Workflow

Decap CMS is built with a Git-based workflow in mind. Decap is designed to be used with a Git-based workflow, allowing you to manage your content and code in a single repository.

Open Source

Decap CMS is open source and free to use. You can contribute to the project, report bugs, request features, and discuss ideas on GitHub.

Part of the Jamstack

Decap CMS is part of the Jamstack ecosystem. It is designed to work with static site generators and other Jamstack tools.

Works with any static site generator

You can use Decap CMS with any static site generator, such as Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Next.js, and many more. If the SSG supports storing content in a Git repository, it will work with Decap CMS.

Easy installation and configuration

Decap CMS is easy to install and configure. You can install Decap CMS by adding two files to your source code. The configuration is done through a simple configuration file.


Decap CMS is built with React and you can extend it as such. Write custom editor components, custom widgets, and custom previews to fit your needs.

Backend and authentication

Decap CMS supports authentication with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, but you can also use your own backend and authentication.

Supports many file types

Decap CMS supports many file types, such as Markdown, JSON, YAML, TOML, XML, and CSV.

Open Authoring

Decap CMS supports open authoring, allowing you to accept contributions from your community.

Media Library

Decap CMS has a media library, allowing you to manage images, videos, and other files. For more advanced use cases, Decap provides a plugin system to extend the media library. Cloudinary and Uploadcare plugins are already included.


Decap CMS supports localization, allowing you to manage content in multiple languages.

Flexible content types

Decap CMS allows you to define custom content types and fields, allowing you to model your content in a way that fits your needs.

Powerful relation widgets

Decap CMS has powerful relation widgets, allowing you to link content together. You can use relation widgets to create relationships between content types, such as linking blog posts to authors, or products to categories.

Configurable Slugs

Decap CMS allows you to configure slugs, allowing you to define how URLs are generated and files stored.

Easy local development

You can run Decap CMS locally to develop and test your content with `npx decap-server`.
Decap CMS

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