4. Access Your Content

Your site CMS is now fully configured and ready for login!

If you set your registration preference to "Invite only," invite yourself (and anyone else you choose) as a site user. To do this, select the Identity tab from your site dashboard, and then select the Invite users button. Invited users receive an email invitation with a confirmation link. Clicking the link will take you to your site with a login prompt.

If you left your site registration open, or for return visits after confirming an email invitation, access your site's CMS at yoursite.com/admin/.

Note: No matter where you access Decap CMS — whether running locally, in a staging environment, or in your published site — it always fetches and commits files in your hosted repository (for example, on GitHub), on the branch you configured in your Decap CMS config.yml file.

This means:

  • Content fetched in the admin UI matches the content in the repository, which may be different from your locally running site.
  • Content saved using the admin UI saves directly to the hosted repository, even if you're running the UI locally or in staging.
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