Contributor Guide

We're hoping that Decap CMS will do for the Jamstack what WordPress did for dynamic sites back in the day. We know we can't do that without building a thriving community of contributors and users, and we'd love to have you join us.

Getting started with contributing

Being a developer is not a requirement for contributing to Decap CMS, you only need the desire, a web browser, and a GitHub account. The GitHub repo has a step-by-step guide to get started with the code.

The basics of the Decap CMS docs

The documentation for Decap CMS is written in Markdown (a good cheatsheet on Markdown is here), with the source residing on GitHub.

The GitHub website allows you to submit issues, work with files, search for content, and browse changes that have been submitted in the past and those that are being submitted now (aka Pull Requests).

Style guidelines

A style guide is available to help provide context around grammar, code styling, syntax, etc.

Filing issues

If you have a GitHub account, you can file an issue (aka bug report) against the Decap CMS docs. Even if you're not able to, or don't know how to, fix the issue (see Improve existing content), it helps to start the conversation.

When filing an issue, it is important to remember the Code of Conduct.

Improve existing content

If you are able to offer up a change to existing content, we welcome this. Once you've forked the repo, and changed the content, you would file a pull request (PR). The repo Contributing file lays out the correct format for PRs.

Other places to get involved

While we work on building this page (and you can help!), here are some links with more information about getting involved:

Decap CMS

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