Uploadcare is a sleek service that allows you to upload files without worrying about maintaining a growing collection — more of an asset store than a library. Just upload when you need to, and the files are hosted on their CDN. They provide image processing controls from simple cropping and rotation to filters and face detection, and a lot more. You can check out Uploadcare's full feature set on their website.

The Uploadcare media library integration for Decap CMS allows you to use Uploadcare as your media handler within the CMS itself. It's available by default as of our 2.1.0 release, and works in tandem with the existing file and image widgets, so using it only requires creating an Uploadcare account and updating your Decap CMS configuration.

Please make sure that Decap CMS is updated to 2.1.0 or greater before proceeding.

Creating an Uploadcare Account

You can sign up for a free Uploadcare account to get started. Once you've signed up, go to your dashboard, select a project, and then select "API keys" from the menu on the left. The public key on the API keys page will be needed in your Decap CMS configuration. For more info on getting your API key, visit their walkthrough.

Updating Decap CMS Configuration

The next and final step is updating your Decap CMS configuration file:

  1. Add a media_library property at the same level as media_folder, with an object as it's value.
  2. In the media_library object, add the name of the media player under name.
  3. Add a config object under name with a publicKey property with your Uploadcare public key as it's value.

Your config.yml should now include something like this (except with a real API key):

  name: uploadcare

Once you've finished updating your Decap CMS configuration, the Uploadcare widget will appear when using the image or file widgets.

Note: The Decap CMS media library extensions for Uploadcare are not included in decap-cms-app. If you're using decap-cms-app, you'll need to register the media libraries yourself.

Configuring the Uploadcare Widget

The Uploadcare widget can be configured with settings that are outlined in their docs. The widget itself accepts configuration through global variables and data properties on HTML elements, but with Decap CMS you can pass configuration options directly through your config.yml.

Note: all default values described in Uploadcare's documentation also apply in the Decap CMS integration, except for previewStep, which is set to true. This was done because the preview step provides helpful information like upload status, and provides access to image editing controls. This option can be disabled through the configuration options below.

Global configuration

Global configuration, which is meant to affect the Uploadcare widget at all times, can be provided as seen above, under the primary media_library property. Settings applied here will affect every instance of the Uploadcare widget.

Field configuration

Configuration can also be provided for individual fields that use the media library. The structure is very similar to the global configuration, except the settings are added to an individual field. For example:

    name: cover
    label: Cover Image
    widget: image
        multiple: true
        previewStep: false

Integration settings

There are several settings that control the behavior of integration with the widget.

  • autoFilename (boolean) - specify whether to add a filename to the end of the url. Example: http://ucarecdn.com/:uuid/filename.png
  • defaultOperations (string) - specify a string added at the end of the url. This could be useful to apply a set of CDN operations to each image, for example resizing or compression. All the possible operations are listed here.
  name: uploadcare
    autoFilename: true
    defaultOperations: '/resize/800x600/'
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