For repositories stored on Bitbucket, the bitbucket backend allows CMS users to log in directly with their Bitbucket account. Note that all users must have write access to your content repository for this to work.

To enable it:

  1. Follow the authentication provider setup steps in the Netlify docs.

  2. Add the following lines to your Decap CMS config.yml file:

      name: bitbucket
      repo: owner-name/repo-name # Path to your Bitbucket repository

Client-Side Implicit Grant (Bitbucket)

With Bitbucket's Implicit Grant, users can authenticate with Bitbucket directly from the client. To do this:

  1. Follow the Atlassian docs to create an OAuth consumer. Make sure you allow Account/Read and Repository/Write permissions. To use the Editorial Workflow, allow PullRequests/Write permissions. For the Callback URL, enter the address where you access Decap CMS, for example,

  2. Bitbucket gives you a Key. Copy this Key and enter it in your Decap CMS config.yml file, along with the following settings:

      name: bitbucket
      repo: owner-name/repo-name
      branch: default
      auth_type: implicit
      app_id: # The Key from your Bitbucket settings

Warning: With Bitbucket implicit grant, the authentication is valid for 1 hour only. After that, the user has to login again, which can lead to data loss if the expiration occurs while content is being edited.

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