Working with a Local Git Repository

You can connect Decap CMS to a local Git repository, instead of working with a live repo.

  1. Navigate to a local Git repository configured with the CMS.
  2. Add the top-level property local_backend configuration to your config.yml:
# when using the default proxy server port
local_backend: true

  name: git-gateway
  1. Run npx decap-server from the root directory of the above repository.

    • If the default port (8081) is in use, the proxy server won't start and you will see an error message. In this case, follow these steps before proceeding.
  2. Start your local development server (e.g. run gatsby develop).

  3. Open http://localhost:<port>/admin to verify that your can administer your content locally. Replace <port> with the port of your local development server. For example Gatsby's default port is 8000

Note: decap-server runs an unauthenticated express server. As any client can send requests to the server, it should only be used for local development. Also note that editorial_workflow is not supported in this environment.

Configure the Decap CMS proxy server port number

  1. Create a .env file in the project's root folder and define the PORT you'd like the proxy server to use
  1. Update the local_backend object in config.yml and specify a url property to use your custom port number
  name: git-gateway

  # when using a custom proxy server port
  url: http://localhost:8082/api/v1
  # when accessing the local site from a host other than 'localhost' or ''
  allowed_hosts: ['']
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